Truths to be known by me: Inspiration is best found between 3-5 a.m. 
Sleep comes best when the sun begins to rise.
Creativity is best met, halfway. 

Hardwork is a foundation to success.
Deadlines are the only time frames I am good with.
I like to push the boundaries and to do better than I was the day before. 

Hello, my name is Danni. 

A graduate with two Associates degrees, photography quickly became a central focus of mine. I challenge myself to pushing the boundaries and getting better each time I shoot a new subject when I'm behind the camera. Along with photography, I find myself intrigued with writing (focused more towards journalism),  web coding and design. I aim to hone all of my attention and skills to create works of high standards and continue to increase my abilities in all of these fields.

Nestled between mountains, I currently reside in Luzerne, Pennsylvania. While my roots lie here, I have a passion for travelling and seeing life in its many forms. 
A life where I can travel and pursue my passions is what I imagine to be the core of happiness, and what a better way to experience a life then one where you live out your passions.


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